Spring Break 2019 – Professionally Evil Network Testing

Our Professionally Evil Network Testing (PENT) course is a three-day course that will teach attendees a basic methodology for network penetration testing and an introduction to the latest tools and techniques. Students will walk through the phases of Reconnaissance, Mapping, Discovery, Exploitation, and Post-Exploitation with hands-on demonstrations designed to build their skill as a penetration tester. The course will demonstrate real-world techniques that teach students how they can pivot from seemingly low-risk vulnerabilities into full domain take over, with a goal of demonstrating actual business risk to the organization.

Hands-on technical exercises reinforce every part of this course allowing attendees the opportunity to use common tools and tactics in a safe & structured learning environment. By the end of the 3-day training, students will understand the structure of a penetration test and have the experience necessary to begin practicing the demonstrated skills.

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