User Awareness

User Awareness Training is a series of Instructional Videos developed to help put YOU in a security mindset.

$5.00 / year

This series of essential information will train all levels of employees and is customizable to help educate companies, both to fill their training needs, and possibly prevent future security breaches.

Each course is made up of five to ten minute training videos followed by a short quiz. These courses are monitored from start to finish by our staff, and a comprehensive report can be generated based on training status and quiz results.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
    3 minutes
  • Everyone is at Risk!
    8 minutes
  • Everyone is at Risk! Quiz
    10 questions
  • Social Engineering
    10 minutes
  • Social Engineering Quiz
    10 questions
  • Email and Messaging
    30 minutes
  • Email and Messaging Quiz
    10 questions
  • Passwords and Browsing
    30 minutes
  • Passwords and Browsing Quiz
    10 questions
  • You’ve Been Hacked!
    6 minutes
  • You’ve Been Hacked! Quiz
    10 questions
  • Physical Security and Insider Threats
    10 minutes
  • Physical Security and Insider Threats Quiz
    10 questions
  • Data Protection, Destruction and Handling
    9 minutes
  • Data Protection, Destruction, and Handling Quiz
    10 questions

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